7AFE to 4AGE Corolla swap

Heres a swap I did for a customer.

Old tired 7AFE. Just a regular 1.8 litre motor, mated to an auto tranny. (On noes!)


Unlike Hondas I've worked on, this Corolla doesnt have any bulk firewall wiring connectors. So you have to unbolt the fuse box from the engine bay, unplug the interior and ECU connectors, and finally pull them all through the firewall into the bay and lay them ontop the motor:


The mess under dash, ECU sits to the right of the gas pedal right under the heater ducting control. I've already pulled the auto "shifter" in this pic:


Old ECU. The 4AGE one is identical looking on the outside, except for an alternate sitcker:


Interior parts. To get the center console off you have to remove the glovebox and panel under the steering colum:


RHD Levin? AE101 front clip arrived, eqipped with an OBD1 Blacktop 4AGE. Also has a manual trans, the swap car is getting converted.


Money shot. Factory ITB's = sex:


Thats RHD for you:


7AFE is out, and I can't stand dirty engine bays, so this becomes.....




Heres the old coot now, with it's evil sidekick the auto trans...


New kid on the block:


Manual shifter and cables bolt in. The shifter lever itself had to be cut, rotated and re-welded. The RHD shifter orients toward the right side of the car which just doesnt feel right when driving from the left:


We cut the old brake pad off and welded the narrower manual one on. Other things include removing the brake key lock, so you don't need to push the bake anymore to start the car. Not shown in this pic is the clutch pedal. Since we were using the RHD pedals the clutch bracket and pedal had to be cut up and re-welded quite a bit to get everything "right". To install the clutch master I had to drill all new holes in the firewall:


4AGE right after we bolted it in, just used the 4A mounts:




Mostly together at this point. I installed the stock Levin STB, which required some new holes to be drilled in the firewall:


Custom mounted P/S reservoir and bolted the old idle speed booter onto the 4A pump. This swap also required a custom 60" P/S pressure line to reach the rack. Barely visible below the P/S pump in the A/C compressor, we had to use the 4AGE one and bend the old lines to fit.


Throttle rotor was setup for RHD, big problem. We used part of the 7AFE rotor and welded it onto the 4AGE one to make a hybrid rotor that accepts a throttle cable from the left side:


Engine bay done, just needs the hood re-installed and a final cleaning:

You can just see the clutch master tucked next to the booster in the bottom right:


Final cleaned, adjusted, and done!